Need help learning HTML/CSS, WordPress, and/or design-related software? Maybe you could use some guidance with a client/personal project? Perhaps you need help setting up a Discord server, or understanding Kickstarter. Hell, I can even teach you how to write a simple Mastodon "art" bot (RIP Twitter art bots) like my @tinymarinerbot!

I'm currently accepting a limited number of clients who are ready to go with their projects and/or jump in to their learning. If you're serious about getting your learning/project off the ground, head over to my contact page to say hi and tell me more.

Proud member of Freelancer's Union


I’m a multidisciplinary artist who creates in a variety of mediums. I follow what interests me, from photographing ordinary things in a way to render them unrecognizable to writing about unknown futures and sending them to Future History Archivists to creating unexpected projects, like fictional(?) radio broadcasts, as a result of playing RPGs.

I don't refer to myself in the third person and I don't write pretentious artist statements. You're welcome.

You can find my projects on 27% analog and my photography and prints on aacfilms.